I hope you find these tracks helpful. All the audio is free to download. Having a range of relaxation/wellbeing tracks allows you to choose the versions which best meet your needs. So feel free to try them all out before deciding.

To get the most out of the tracks, you should listen as part of a Stress Control class or alongside Stress Control: A Mind, Body, Life Approach to Boosting Wellbeing.

Dr. Jim White
Consultant Clinical Psychologist


Introduction (6 minutes)

This tells you about all the tracks and how to get the best out of them. Make sure you listen to this the first time you use this page. You should only have to listen to this once.


Belly Breathing (4 minutes)

This helps slow down your autonomic nervous system and uses diaphragmatic ‘3/4’ breathing. This is a great way to start relaxing. Once we move to Boosting our Wellbeing (Session 6 in the class), you might want to move onto Mindful Breathing.

Mindful Breathing (10 minutes)

This track adds in a mindful element to produce an even more powerful effect.

Progressive Relaxation

The idea with progressive relaxation is that you learn Deep Relaxation first, then, once you get good at it, move to Quick Relaxation and, finally try to relax yourself without having to listen to either track. You can choose to use voice-only or musical background versions for both.

Deep Relaxation (19 minutes)

Quick Relaxation (8 minutes)


Leaves In The Stream (2 minutes)